Regarding Game of Thrones, what is D&D?

Game Of Thrones D&D

D&D is the true villain, the ultimate evil, the final boss of the show, more insane than Cersei Dany and Ramsay Bolton, scarier than the Army of the dead, and even more cringey than show Arya.

D&D is also deadlier than Valerian steel, because they were able to take a show with 5 (4 and 1/2?) EXCELLENT seasons of a fantastic show and turn it into a completely and utterly unwatchable pile of dog$#!+, in effect slowly and painfully killing something many of us loved.

As a reward for being so evil, D&D was given another beloved franchise to ruin. So if you think the latest Stars trilogy is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Q: Is all the excessive hate towards David Benioff and D.B. Weiss justified?

As far as television writing goes, Dan and David’s abilities are no better or worse than any other TV writer out there.

The problems that surround the two are the themes that creep into their work.

David Benioff is a graduate of Dartmouth, a college known for its partying, drinking and fraternities, and as such he and his good friend and collaborator D.B. Weiss have a very ‘bro’ mentality.

That’s why drinking, nudity and misogyny tend to run rampant in Game of Thrones as compared to the books. (Apologies in advance to anyone who went to Dartmouth and disagrees.)

That’s why in the show, one of Tyrion’s first appearances is in a pigsty after a bender instead of staying up all night reading in Winterfell’s library like in the books.

And That’s why the show famously coined the term sexposition. That’s also why Sansa’s victim role was perpetuated with Ramsay rather than her becoming a player in the Vale.

Game Of Thrones D&D

Game Of Thrones D&D

But what truly earns them the hate is how they respond to criticism. When fans expressed distaste over many of their earlier choices, rather than addressing concerns they famously said, “If you don’t like it, watch something else.” Basically:

They even had Arya echo these words when she hears critics of the play she watches in Braavos.

You have to have a serious level of contempt for your audience to let it creep into the actual dialogue of your show.

When Sansa was given to Ramsay, public outcry reached its zenith; people were demanding answers.

Dan and David responded to this outcry by avoiding public Q&A panels, claiming they were ‘too drunk to answer questions.’

They then refused the majority of interviews unless the questions were vetted first.

Most were over the phone and if any mention of Sansa was made the interview was immediately ended. The words ‘fragile’ and ‘ego’ spring to mind.

These men are Emmy-winning writers for a hit HBO series and rather than be grateful to the material that launched them to success they seemed to resent the expectation.

They should be held accountable to their creative choices, actively avoiding any and all criticism for a franchise beloved by millions.

This smacks of immaturity and a fair bit of cowardice on their part.

Dan and David are wonderful producers and show-runners when it comes to adapting high quality work, but it’s probably a mistake to give these two free reign to come up with new ideas.

They had complete creative control of the series when the books ran out and the results were meandering fiascos like Dorne, Littlefinger’s endgame, the Wight Hunt and Arya’s famous post-stabbing marathon run.

Game Of Thrones D&D

That’s why intelligent themes like politics and logic were all but abandoned in favor of over the top spectacle and drama.

You can only expect more of the same with any future projects where they’re given total control.

They aren’t the worst fit to helm the new Star Wars films, all things considered, but I wonder if Disney knows what it’s in for here.

When someone is attached to a project that makes as much money as Game of Thrones, people are going to throw more money at them to try and recreate that magic.

That’s why M. Night Shyamalan keeps making awful movies after his success with The Sixth Sense.

Yes, I said it. You can expect D&D to have the same career trajectory as M. Night Shyamalan. Come back in ten years and you can see I called it here first.

Dan and Dave might be great people in real life, I don’t know, I haven’t met them.

But if you want to utilize these two to their maximum effectiveness, you need someone to reign in their ‘colorful’ personalities.

HBO gave them near complete creative control and as a result controversy on top of controversy bloomed.

Game Of Thrones D&D

When they were pitching the show to Martin, they were bright-eyed unknowns, eager to prove themselves, promising George to treat the material with the respect it deserved.

But once they had the rights and got a few Emmys off Martin’s excellent writing they became arrogant and lost sight of the spirit that made the show such a success.

Now they’re content to simply coast off the first four season’s popularity.

What these two need now is a dose of humility, a few failures to ground their egos. Their new Star Wars films may finally give them the chance to experience some personal growth should they crash and burn.

Because there’s no way audiences will blindly love a new Star Wars film…

Game Of Thrones D&D

Q: What is wrong with the Game of Thrones finale?

So, so many things.

Ive never been so simultaneously underwhelmed and pissed off at the same time.

Not only was the final episode of what could have been the greatest TV series of all time downright boring, it was riddled with inconsistencies and unsatisfying endings for a multitude of character arcs.

Let’s talk about all of the characters they unequivocally ruined, starting with:

Grey Worm

The fiercest and most loyal member of The Dragon Queen’s entourage, Grey Worm would not hesitate to slaughter on the spot anyone who slighted Daenerys, nor hesitate to follow any of her orders, no matter how excessively brutal or contradictory they may seem.

He truly is the manifestation of the perfect soldier and his motives, unlike Jorah, were never drawn into question at any point during his service to his Queen.

He owed Daenerys his very life, freedom and purpose. Even when she went mad, Grey Worm was willing to follow her into madness and would have gladly sacrificed his life to protect Daenerys and/or to accomplish her life’s mission, no matter how ambiguous it might have become.

I really find it unbelievable that he would not avenge his Queen when she was betrayed and murdered… I find it unbelievable that he would not commit his entire army of Unsullied to fighting to the very death for the sake of honoring her memory.

And what’s more, Grey Worm then nonsensically chooses to recognize the sovereignty of the newly crowned Bran the Broken, a member of House Stark, with the Starks being the very people who plotted against Daenerys no less.

Game Of Thrones D&D

I mean, what in the actual hell? In his (Greyworm’s) mind, the Starks and Northmen should have been nothing more than betrayers and Usurpers. In his mind, the line of succession or Westerosi customs should have meant absolutely nothing to him.

All Greyworm or the Unsullied should have cared about at that point was eradicating the Dragon Queen’s enemies from existence, avenging her death, and honoring her legacy.

Grey Worm and the Unsullied should have been given a noble end, dying for their Queen while surrounded by Northern armies.

Instead, they come off as pushovers – a subservient, emotionless pack of lost puppies devoid of any balls – in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

And finally, we are left with the preposterous notion that the Unsullied are somehow supposed to start their own house without the ability to breed.

Bran and the Westerosi Lords must have been laughing their assess off behind closed doors.

And speaking of Bran the Broken…

What. An. Asshole.

…Not that I don’t like Bran as a character (up until the finale at least), but he really does come off as an overly ambitious, conniving, opportunistic prick in the finale.

This is a guy who gave up all worldly possessions (other than his wheelchair), renounced all Westerosi titles, and refused to be Lord of Winterfell.

Why would he refuse succeeding his father and brother as the new Lord of Winterfell, but then smugly accept kingship over all of the Seven, err, Six Kingdoms?

Bran is the Three Eyed Raven, the traveler of time and the keeper of history; He shouldn’t have time for politics and petty Small Council banter.

Game Of Thrones D&D

But that’s certainly not the worst of it. After all, I can’t blame him for having a bit of ambition or believing in himself.

But the worst of it is that, being the Three Eyed Raven, Bran saw into the future and knew what had to happen for him to become King.

He knew that thousands of men, women and children were going to be burned alive and he did absolutely nothing about it.

If this were in America, he’d be charged with misprision of a felony and likely face jail time.

Instead, he came to power with blood (and ash) on his hands; His crown is tainted for this reason.

The Bran we all knew, or thought we knew, would never make this trade. He’d choose the noble way, the Stark way.

If Ned and Robb knew that Bran did absolutely nothing to prevent the burning alive of children when he could have made a difference, but instead used that outcome to become King, they’d be ASHAMED.

Furthermore, the fact that Bran appoints Bronn, a traitorous, self-serving cutthroat as Master of Coin is just flat out insane.

On top of this, Bronn then insults Bran’s kingship right out of the gate by proposing to fund an array of whore-houses over feeding the people.

Is this a realistic move to be made on part of Bran? No, it’s nothing more than mere fan service and an opportunity to display some comedic relief…

Game Of Thrones D&D

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bronn just as much as the next fan, but appointing him Master of Coin is a little odd considering Bronn is a man who likes to indulge. He isn’t a man who conserves or puts the well-being of the realm before himself…Bad choice on the part of Bran the Broken – I predict much financial corruption and cronyism during his reign.

And now moving on to none other than Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the Seven (ugh, Six) Kingdoms.

Brienne had a very satisfying character arc – being an anointed knight was her life’s dream, and no one else in the entire series deserved it more than her.

Although from very early on she accepted the fact that she’d never become a knight due to her gender, she still resolved to act knightly all the same.

But why in the Seven/Six Hells did she abandon Sansa? Did she not take her oath seriously?

It’s completely out of character for her to simply disregard her oath to Sansa and go be King’s Guard to Bran the Broken instead. I mean is Sansa not Queen in the North?

Does Sansa not need a Queen’s Guard?? From a literary standpoint, this is yet another nonsensical outcome.

It would have been fitting to see Brienne by Sansa’s side at Winterfell, but instead Brienne comes off as an opportunist and oath-breaker.

Game Of Thrones D&D

I mean, she started out swearing her sword to Renly, then to Catelyn, then to Sansa, and now to Bran?

I get that two of the four died, but still, it draws into question her competency as a body guard and makes her loyalties look shaky at best.

Also, Sansa’s reign is destined to be far more volatile than Bran’s, given that the North is much larger, more dangerous, and is in the infancy of its independent sovereignty.

Sansa, ruling over a region that historically has been littered with backstabbers and traitors (Boltons, Umbers, Karstarks), could have used someone like Brienne at her side…But, I guess they had to slip in that cheap, thoughtless fan service in there once again.

Game Of Thrones D&D

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