Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

I would give Wikibuy a mixed review. I have been using it pretty much since it was first launched and I spend hours every day looking for products and comparing prices.

From my experience, Wikibuy has always worked better for goods in the low-price section (up to 40-50$).

With more expensive products, I often discovered significantly better offers when looking for them manually.

I was for example looking for a specific shoe model and Wikibuy would show me, that the best price was at 210$.

During a manual research, I found the exact same product on literally 4 different platforms for up to 40$ cheaper.

In terms of the legitimacy of other platforms suggested by Wikibuy, I have never once been directed to a scam online shop or any sort of untrustworthy website.

I still use Wikibuy and I believe that it is a neat tool but if you are looking for a rather expensive product, I would always suggest you to take a closer look yourself.

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

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Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit
Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Q: Should I use Honey, Wikibuy, or RetailMeNot’s extension?

Before going into any sort of comparison I would like to point out that all three extensions find and apply savings via coupon code at checkout.

All three extensions are free money for you and more sales for any store that has their integration.

All three are competing in the same field and have teams of smart people dedicated to improving their product and your online shopping experience every day.

At the time of this writing and just in the Chrome store, the Honey extension has over 100,000 five star reviews, Wikibuy has 6457 reviews, and RetailMeNot genie has exactly 80 reviews.

I will tell you also that internally at Honey we do not have a team dedicated to writing five star reviews and that all of these reviews are legitimately not written by us.

I am also fairly certain the Chrome store and similar stores have detection and security measures for fraudulent review writing. When reviews look like this, it’s pretty clear who’s the winner.

But why? What motivates people to review? I personally do not leave reviews even when asked. It’s simply too much trouble and time out of the day to help a business of which I have no affiliation.

Maybe if they paid me or maybe even saved me money that I would perhaps feel inclined to help the business out and leave a review…perhaps that is what happened to at least 100,000 people.

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Q: What is your opinion on Wikibuy?

The wikibuy website is probably amazing. But the only thing I have experience is with the Weeki buy extension for Google Chrome browser on PC.

It put a lot of adware on to my browser and I am someone who repairs computers.

It was not easy to fully remove the Weeki buy extension even after uninstalling Chrome and deleting the folder.

It placed many new ads on websites that have never had ads before. And when removingit everything was fine again.

Such as when I click on a Google search result it would redirect to advertising. So that made me super angry.

Perhaps they have changed their ways since then. That was 2 months ago. But just be careful because some extensions are very bad news.

The honey extension is better but the RetailMeNot website is the best for finding coupons.

RetailMeNot might have a automatic extension. Just shop around because wikibuy is not the best at all.

If you buy on Amazon there are extensions that works great for that. Sorry my phone is being crazy but I think I fixed all the types.

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit
Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Q: Is Wikibuy better than honey?

Both are good. You can use both of them. There are free extensions available for both of them on most of the commonly used browsers.

You just have to check the price of the product via both extensions. If you are getting more discount via either of the two, then use it and enjoy the discount price or coupon code free of cost.

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Q: Is Okowatt a scam, or is it legit?

Okowatt is just another scam. I am a professional electrician and worked in the field many years even had an electrical contractor’s license.

I spent my greatest number of years in the field working as an electrical technician and trouble shooter.

And I can tell you that everything in a building be it a house or otherwise requires so much power and you get billed for the amount of power you consume not for capacity, current or anything else.

There is a power equation and you can manipulate any part of the equation but on the other side of that equation you will have total power needed or consumed and that will not change unless you want things not to work or wear out sooner than they were designed to .

I can get a 120V light bulb to work for at least a short while but if the voltage is too much the thing will burn out. I can play around with the current but things will either not work or stop working soon.

There is really only one way for anyone to save on electricity and that is not to use it, period.

If anyone really wants to save on electricity then use only one or just a few solar panels to create your own electricity.

Solar panel systems can be custom designed to serve the needs of just one or a few circuits but one does not need to spend $20,000.00 for an entire house system.

A product that costs only $40.00 is not going to get you anywhere.

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

Q: How does honey make money?

For every purchase you make using Honey link, Honey receives few percent of the transaction. Sometimes it’s 0.5% sometimes 10%, depends on the merchant.

Then they decide how they want to share their commission with you. Similar products usually share half of the commission with you.


Spend $100 at the merchant using Honey’s referral link.

Honey gets $2 = 2%

Honey gives you $1 back (1%)

Is Wikibuy Safe & Legit?

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