What exactly is the duality of man nature?

What exactly is the duality of man nature?

Human Superposition.

Basically everything in this world is bifurcated as either black or white. There is no middle ground, there is no grey.

You are either for something are you are against it. You’re either with someone or against them. This is known as polarity.

Now the problem with polarity is that it contradicts our basic human nature. Even though semantics suggest that there is no grey, we humans have the ability to astonishingly find duality in polarity.

I share an anecdote of a Mexican girl and her brother who were immigrants to the states.

Both of them were religion bound and had cultural and traditional values imbibed in their roots. Both of them started to work at a local café.

The sister made friends with another lady who happened to be gay.

Few weeks later the two ladies were sitting in the backyard during a little break when the brother overheard the conversation of the woman telling his sister about her girlfriend and he questioned his sister instantly in Spanish, “ella tiene una novia? (she has a girlfriend)”

The sister almost cut him curtly replying, “yes she does, I don’t see why it bothers you.”

The guy bowed away with all due respect to his sister’s maternal instincts.

Even though they both shared more culture, religion, childhood, and had similarity in every fibre of their nerves, her moral compass cut him down.

Later that evening the siblings were still laughing and talking like nothing happened.

This is classic duality in polarity. Duality makes all normal humans hypocrites to the semantics, but gives us something much more valuable than hypocrisy, it gives us simplicity.

It soothes our basic instinct to over-simplify complex things.

What exactly is the duality of man nature?

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What exactly is the duality of man nature
What exactly is the duality of man nature

Q: What does duality mean

Duality is simply that some things have more than one aspect or characteristic.

One prime example of this is the often abused and misused word ‘love’. Love is the opposite of hate.

They are opposite sides of the same coin, as they are two aspects of the same thing and can’t exist without the other.

It is not possible to love something unless you hate its opposite, and it is not possible to hate something unless love its opposite. Ambivalence to something is to neither love or hate it.

Duality Of Man

Q: What is the duality of nature?

Duality. Nature consist of positive and negative. White and black. Women and men. Polar opposite yet they complement each other.

Not fighting against one another. All of these are the projection of nature. Then it will lead us to what really is nature.

What cause all of these to be alive. We have life force, qi, prana or reiki in it. A spiritual energy cannot be seen, but can be felt within.

Over the time these duality will return back to it’s origin. It is Life. Formless yet it’s presence is there. Our normal five senses could not comprehend that.

At least they serve as a starting point to show us their limitations. Hence, something unknown, unlimited and causing all these physical attribute to move.

Once, anyone unlock even the slightest bit of nature. It will bring their consciousness up to another level and widen.

Till these consciousness slowly dissolve in the universe. Yes, we became unconscious as we became part of Life.

Duality Of Man

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What exactly is the duality of man nature
What exactly is the duality of man nature

Q: How do I overcome the duality of my mind?

Duality is nature of the universe. Mind can and will be dual in nature. If you are talking about indecisiveness, that’s another topic altogether.

People can be indecisive based on the preferences of cognitive functions.

Some like closure, typical judging types. Some need open endedness to survive.

Closure fixed timetables,plans will suffocate them, who we term as perception types. For people with strong perception, closing can be irritating.

Mind will be wavery always. We have been conditioned by the society that being decisive is what good for a person.

But that can’t be true with almost judging Vs perceiving being equally divided.

Judging types typically rule the society, form the framework, lay down the rules to be followed, set societal norms, so being a perceiver is looked down.

Good perceivers have exceptional creative skills.that open endedness is what that makes their creative skill flourish. Don’t be bad on you for being open.

And take my answer with a pinch of salt as I’ve used lots of generalizations to support my point of view.

If you feel like reading more about it, google “Jungian cognitive functions” “mbti” “mbti perceivers”.

Duality Of Man

Q: What do you think about the duality of man?

“There is thinking: therefore there is something that thinks”: this is the upshot of all Descartes’ argumentation.

But that means positing as “true a priori” our belief in the concept of substance – that when there is thought there has to be something “that thinks” is simply a formulation of our grammatical custom that adds a doer to every deed.

In short, this is not merely the substantiation of a fact but a logical-metaphysical postulate.

Along the lines followed by Descartes one does not come upon something absolutely certain but only upon the fact of a very strong belief.

If one reduces the proposition to “There is thinking, therefore there are thoughts,” one has produced a mere tautology: and precisely that which is in question, the “reality of thought,” is not touched upon – that is, in this form the “apparent reality” of thought cannot be denied.

But what Descartes desired was that thought should have, not an apparent reality, but a reality in itself.

What exactly is the duality of man nature?

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