When will One Piece end?

When will One Piece end?

I disagree with the idea that One Piece has 7-8 years left. As Joku Susilo mentioned, the calculation he did isn’t all that precise, especially because of Oda taking more breaks.

List of One Piece manga volumes shows clearly how the rate of new volumes is slowly decreasing over time, from 5 per year for the first 20 volumes to around 4 per year for the last 20 volumes.

Even if we assume that 60 volumes was halfway through, there are still 40 volumes left to go before reaching 120. That means at least 10 more years if the rate remains stable.

That being said, I don’t think One Piece will end even then. Oda has always underestimated how long the series is going to be (His initial estimate was 5 years for the whole series).

He keeps getting more and more ideas as the story progresses which keeps putting off the end even further.

Dressrosa took more than 2 years to finish. Kaido arc will likely be even longer.

Before that we have Vinsmokes and Big Mom to deal with. Not to mention the Marco hunt.

It’s pretty much a given that there will be an arc revolving around Elbaf where Usopp makes the Giants his followers.

Shanks will likely have a big arc for himself.

The final war is going to be long too. 2-3 years would be my lower bound.

There will also be Emerald City, Revolutionaries, the Missing Red Poneglyph, Mihawk, Enel’s return, the big event prophesied for straw hat fleet, past of Level 6 prisoners and other Blackbeard members.

Brook’s history and character development, another crew member, All Blue, and so on.

My personal estimate on One Piece Manga’s end will be 2028-2030.

When will One Piece end?

When will One Piece end
When will One Piece end

Q: Is it worth spending so much time watching One Piece? – When will One Piece end?

As of today, there are 791 episodes of One Piece that have been aired. Each episode is roughly 24 minutes long. So, yeah, that’s a lot of time to spend watching one show.

So let’s discuss whether or not it’s worth watching. Are you a fan of anime? Do you like shonen anime, like Dragon Ball?

If yes, then watch a few episodes or so and see if you like it. The unfortunate part about One Piece as an anime is that Toei Animation has done a pretty poor job.

A part of it is probably because they have to push these episodes out weekly (with a few exceptions for holidays and stuff) but also because they know they can get away with subpar animation. People will watch One Piece episodes no matter what.

If you really want to get into One Piece, then I recommend you read the manga instead. The pacing is much better.

You’ll catch up more quickly reading the manga than you would watching the anime.

Some chapters from the manga can take multiple episodes to cover in the anime and it has gotten worse as the series has gone on because the anime has caught up to the manga.

In later episodes, the opening, introduction, and recap of the previous episode can take up to ~7 minutes. So you only get maybe ~16-18 minutes of actual new content per episode. Also the anime has fillers.

However, there are still pros to the anime. Besides the obvious reason of watching the series in animated form vs. reading the manga.

When will One Piece end

Both the original Japanese voice cast and the English dub voice cast by Funimation are superb. Here’s a little clip for preview:

Also, the anime has a great soundtrack. And it’s really cool to see some of the big fights be animated.

One Piece, in my opinion, has the best world building out of any manga and arguably any fictional media.

Eiichiro Oda is also a genius at foreshadowing. Something that you may have overlooked or appear trivial comes up again 20 episodes later.

Every character he has included up to this point is done with a purpose. The main cast of One Piece is unique with phenomenal character development.

There’s also a lot of light-hearted moments and comedy. Plus, later on in the series, Oda tackles a lot of more serious and darker topics like slavery, human trafficking, war, and morality. Not your everyday discussion for a manga meant to be targeted towards teenage boys.

All in all, I highly recommend One Piece in whatever medium you decide to follow it. I’ve been reading the manga and watching the anime for almost half my life.

When will One Piece end
When will One Piece end

Q: If Luffy died at the end of One Piece, how would you feel?

Luffy will most likely die at the end of the series. Oda has planted so many foreshadowing of this happening that it will not make sense for it not to happen.

The first foreshadowing is the fate of the previous Pirate King. Gol D Roger was executed by the marines. Luffy wants to become the Pirate King. Oda will make it happen, and give Luffy the same fate.

Next is during the Impel Down and Mariford arcs, Ivankov has said on many occasions that Luffy’s lifespan would be cut short by injecting her special hormones into Luffy to allow him to continue fighting.

Luffy’s internal damages suffered during those 2 arcs are permanent, and these damages will definitely surface again towards the end of the arc.

The last foreshadowing is an implied one. Luffy’s dream is to become the Pirate King, the man free to roam to any part of the sea. With age, the degree of freedom a person gets start to diminish.

Oda, will definitely not design a Luffy who is old and mature, restricted by responsibilities the same way Kishimoto designed the adult Naruto.

To preserve the original traits that defined the protagonist, which is carefreeness and pureness, I believe Oda would rather kill off the character.

So if Luffy died at the end of One Piece, it would be totally expected. That is not to say I won’t be devastated.

It would be a sad goodbye to a character that made up a huge part of my adolescence and teenage life.

Q: Will monkey D Luffy get the one piece?

Absolutely. Here’s the simplest reason why:

Eiichiro Oda (probably botched that) spent more than 2 decades writing this story and has millions upon millions of followers.

So, in order to save numerous countries from the massive and potentially violent riots they will inevitably have if Luffy does NOT end up finding the One Piece, Oda must end the story with Luffy finding it.

Joking aside, there is a possibility that Oda plans to keep the One Piece out of the hands of our rubbery MC, but that possibility is very small.

For the sake of coherence, Luffy will end up finding the One Piece.

Now, whether or not the One Piece is a physical treasure or not is up for debate, but that’s a different story. XP

Q: What is the One Piece Treasure?

The origin of Devil fruit or the “Devil Fruit Tree”.

Reason: There’s has been no hint about where devil fruit’s origin till now which should have been explained a lot earlier.

P.S: The history of the Lost century also has something to do with it. BTW Oda (the writer) said it is not going to be a lame thing like “One Piece, the treasure, is the path, what they accomplish during the adventure”.

When will One Piece end?

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