Who would win in a fight between Galactus and Thanos?

Who would win in a fight between Galactus vs Thanos?

Thanos is powerful, able to go toe to toe against Odin, without any enhancement’s whatsoever, no gauntlet, no cosmic cube, nothin.

But against Galactus he would have no hope. Thanos never fought him because he knew it was futile, when he did blast Galactus in order to distract him.

Thanos was literally begging for his life. Something unseemly, and unsettling for such a powerful character.

But this is Galactus, the being who Marvel uses as the barometer for who is and is not a “real” threat to the cosmos.

If a new being threatens reality, that beings power must surpass Galactus power, in order for us to take it seriously.

Who did the beyonder beat down first, in order for us to see just how powerful he was? Galactus.

Who was the enemy of Abraxas? Galactus.

Who challenged the mad celestial’s? Galactus.

Just to show how powerful Franklin Richards was, who did he make HIS herald? Galactus.

Who was holding back the elder gods and the Galactus engine at the fault by himself? Galactus.

On and on it goes, countless comics, cartoons, it’s endless.

So if Thanos has/had any chance, he would use his intelligence, and figure out some plan, against Galactus, and not just use his physical might like he did against Odin, something that Thanos is known for, outsmarting his opponent.

Like for instance, catching Galactus when he is weak, and hasn’t eaten in awhile, then maybe Thanos has a chance…a small one.

But that’s all Thanos needs

Who would win in a fight between Galactus vs Thanos?

Galactus vs Thanos
Galactus vs Thanos

Q: Who would win in a fight between Thanos and the Silver Surfer?

I’ll preface this answer by saying that in all hypothetical X vs Y battles I assume morality and other forms of plot-induced-stupidity are put aside.

All combatants have a reason to want to kill all other combatants, and they only have access to their powers and usual equipment/carry-ons, 0 prep time, and no allies.

Silver Surfer:


Currently, the Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and the most powerful of the Heralds of Galactus.

He was deemed to be an Alpha Plus by the Galadorian Spaceknight Ikon.

He was deemed by the Nova Corps to potentially be an universal-level threat.

Thanks to Galactus, he possesses the following abilities:

The Power Cosmic: The Silver Surfer possesses the Power Cosmic, which is the core from which his other abilities manifest from.

This power was granted to him by Galactus, and amplified during Annihilation.

Energy Absorption and Manipulation: The absorption of electromagnetic energy is the base of the Surfer’s life and power.

The Surfer has complete control of the four fundamental forces of the universe, reaching nearly any effect he desires.

As a result, the Surfer can absorb, manipulate and discharge energy of the entire electromagnetic spectrum at incredible levels surpassing Nova with the Nova Force and Quasar, and with sufficient destructive force to destroy planets.

Currently, at maximum, his beams are capable of almost killing Ravenous, equaling Thanos, and hurting Thor in Asgardian armor.

Additional abilities include erecting force fields, phasing through solid matter, accelerating the evolution of lifeforms on a planet-wide scale seeing the past by peeling back the layers of time.

Galactus vs Thanos
Galactus vs Thanos

Galactus vs Thanos

Time travel, trans dimensional travel, bestowing limited cosmic powers to others, telepathically reading minds, casting illusions, and empathically influencing human emotion and sensation.

The Surfer also possesses the ability to suppress or absorb the powers of other mutants/beings, making them temporarily or permanently unable to use them, like he did once with the Hulk.

He can heal living beings, even if they are near-death. He cannot, however, raise the dead.

Matter Manipulation: The Silver Surfer can rearrange matter to create other objects of importance by rearranging molecules. He can also change the state of matter, such as changing solids into gas.

Transmutation helps the Surfer escape traps and prisons, and can also be used to make an enemy’s weapons inactive.
Superhuman Physical Abilities:

Superhuman Strength: The Surfer possesses enormous superhuman strength.

Though the exact magnitude remains vague, he has often been shown to fight evenly with people who can lift far in excess of 100 tons. He can also use the Power Cosmic to increase his strength to incalculable levels.

Invulnerability: The Silver Surfer’s silvery “skin” was designed to easily withstand the rigors of deep-space travel, and thus far, it has proven to be virtually indestructible.

Among things that include simple blunt force, like withstanding a punch from She-Hulk without flinching back when the She-Hulk’s power level was still just class 75, and not far above class 100 as it is today.

The Silver Surfer can withstand even the most extreme conditions, like the crushing pressures of a black hole.

He is not bothered by the friction associated with atmospheric re-entry, and has withstood plunges into stars and supernovas unharmed.

He also routinely weathers the stresses associated with high-speed travel through space and hyperspace.

Galactus vs Thanos

Galactus vs Thanos

Godlike Stamina: The Surfer’s highly enhanced musculature generates no fatigue toxins, body stress, or even sweat, granting him inexhaustible physical stamina.

Which allows him to fight other beings for prolonged periods of time before tiring, if he even gets tired.

Flight Speed: Prior to his upgrade, the Silver Surfer was one of the fastest beings in the universe, but was greatly outmatched by the Runner of the Elders of the Universe. Currently, he is faster than Beta Ray Bill and Nova.

The Silver Surfer can travel at speeds faster than light. He can enter the Hyperspace when he exceeds the speed of light.

Although he is also able to accelerate and achieve faster than light speeds without accessing hyperspace.

(Since he was deprived from his space-time travelling powers, and to enter hyperspace does not automatically cause time travel).

Finally, his mind and body can be used at these speeds as well, making the Surfer extremely reactive and agile.

Silver Surfer
Galactus vs Thanos

Galactus vs Thanos

Cosmic Senses: The Silver Surfer has certain cosmic-energy enhanced perceptions which enable him, through concentration, to become aware of the patterns of energy anywhere in the world.

These abilities allow him far-ranging vision (in space he can see people clearly over a light year away).

The ability to see sub-atomic particles, superhuman hearing, the ability to detect fields, traces, and concentrations of pure forms of energy and discern their natures.

Currently the abilities of the Surfer surpass even those of Stardust.

Cosmic Self-Sustenance: The Silver Surfer does not need to eat or breathe since he absorbs life-maintaining cosmic energy directly through his skin.



By far the strongest and most powerful Titanian Eternal, Thanos is a superhuman mutant whose massive, heavy-bodied form was born with the capacity to synthesize cosmic energy for certain personal uses.

Thanos has increased his powers through bionic amplification, mystical enhancement, and as a result of being resurrected by Death itself.

He was deemed a Category 1 Life Ender by the Nova Corps, to have an “universal” threat level and to have been a one-time reality ender.

Superhuman Intelligence: Possibly Thanos’ most dangerous ability is his mind.

Thanos’ intellect is dedicated to enhancing his own powers and to the annihilation of all life.

Thanos is a genius in virtually all known fields of advanced science and has created technology far exceeding contemporary Earth science.

He has also shown to quickly adapt to new battle situations, as shown in his fight with the Champion of the Universe.

Who outclassed him physically and whom he beat by dancing around him, blasting him with energy attacks and tricking him into destroying the planet they fought on.

Thanos has remarked that, compared to himself, Bruce Banner’s intelligence is only great for human standards.

Superhuman Strength: Thanos possesses vast superhuman strength the full limits of which aren’t known.

Death has increased his strength beyond their original limits to levels rivaling or surpassing those of the physically strongest Eternals.

Thanos’ strength is so vast he has destroyed entire planets with the simple force of his blows.

He has proven capable of fighting Thor even when he had the Power Gem.

His strength is so vast that he has been able to easily defeat the likes of the Silver Surfer, punch away an attacking Hulk.

Galactus vs Thanos

Physically subduing with ease Beta Ray Bill and Ronan the Accuser (as well as casually breaking apart the latter’s Universal Weapon)

And, most impressively, wrestle with the mighty Tyrant, although only by being additionally empowered by an external power source.

Thanos can also augment his strength with his cosmic energy when needed.

Superhuman Speed: Despite his massive muscular bulk, Thanos is capable of running and moving at speeds greater than the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Stamina: Thanos’ musculature produces almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity.

As a result, he has nearly superhuman stamina in all physical activities.

Nigh Invulnerability: Before his “death”, Thanos possessed an impressive degree of resistance to physical injury, even compared to other Eternals.

After his resurrection, Death increased his ability to resist injury to a much greater degree and he is nigh invulnerable. He has withstood at point blank range planet destroying attacks without any harm.

He has withstood blasts from the Silver Surfer unharmed. He withstood a battering from an enraged, Power Gem-wielding Thor with all but a bloody nose.

He possesses such an incredible resistance to injury that he has been shown to survive point blank blasts from Odin and Galactus.

Thanos recently withstood three full screams from Black Bolt, one at point blank range without any significant damage. He also survived being subjected to an artificial singularity.

Immortality: Thanos, like all Eternals, is immortal in the sense that he is immune to all known diseases and infections and is immune to the effects of aging.

Thanos was formerly banned by Death itself from entering its realm, rendering him truly immortal.

No matter the severity of any injury, Thanos was unable to die and completely recovered. This ban has since been lifted.

Galactus vs Thanos
Galactus vs Thanos

Galactus vs Thanos

Accelerated Healing Factor: Despite his extraordinary durability, it is possible to injure Thanos.

Like all Eternals, however, Thanos is capable of regenerating damaged tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than a human being.

His healing powers aren’t as developed as those of some Eternals. Some Eternals are capable of regenerating any destroyed tissue.

Given the circumstances of his death at the hands of Drax the Destroyer during the Annihilation event, Thanos is unable to regenerate missing organs.

Superhuman Agility: Despite his great size, Thanos’ agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

His agility is roughly equal to that of the average Eternal.

Superhuman Reflexes: Thanos’ reaction time is enhanced to a level that is beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Like his agility, his reflexes are about average for an Eternal.

Energy Manipulation & Control: Thanos has displayed great versatility in the use of his energy projection abilities.

He has demonstrated the ability to project pure energy as a concussive force, “magnetic” energy, infrared heat-beams from his eyes, and disruptor beams.

Unilaterally striking separate targets with his optic blasts as well as use his use his mental link to his techo-mystical chair to form vastly powerful energy shields, barriers, and force-fields.

The exact extent of Thanos’ energy projection abilities are unknown, but his blasts have been capable of rendering the likes of Thor & The Hulk unconscious.

He was also able to slightly damage Galactus’ armor and blast the Devourer of Worlds off his feet.

By collaborating with the In-Betweener they together released the latter from his prison created by Master Order and Lord Chaos.

Galactus vs Thanos

It has been speculated that the nature of Thanos’ cosmic energy reserve may be quasi-mystical in nature.

Telepathy: Thanos possesses psionic abilities. His mind is invulnerable to most forms of psychic attack.

Thanos has demonstrated the ability to successfully defend himself against psychic assaults from Moondragon and Mantis.

He also drove one of the Priests of Pama insane with a gesture, made the Hulk attack his fellow Avengers, and forced Conner Sims (the Anti-Man) to destroy his surroundings.

Matter Manipulation & Control: Thanos has demonstrated some ability to manipulate matter on the atomic level, similarly to other Earthborn Eternals. On one occasion, he turned the Skrull, Skragg into stone.

Curse Casting: Thanos seems to be at least partially skilled in magic, evidence being him cursing Deadpool to be unable to die.

Flight: After his fight with Star-Lord wielding the Mandalay Gem, Thanos was shown to fly self-propelled.

Whether he recently acquired this ability or if he uses technical equipment for it hasn’t been revealed yet.

Teleportation: Thanos can teleport himself across unknown distances through his link with his techno-mystical transport chair.

When stranded in space with Terraxia, he could neither fly, nor teleport to his rescue, presumably because his chair got destroyed in the struggle before.

Thanos has the strength advantageg: ‘His strength is so vast that he has been able to easily defeat the likes of the Silver Surfer’.

SS has the speed, reflex, and agility advantage. Massively.

Both are ‘nigh-invulerable’ however Thanos has been shown capable of damaging SS before, whereas even Galactus can’t reliably hurt Thanos. Plus Thanos has a healing factor.

SS takes the advantage in energy manipulation as anything Thanos throws at him can be absorbed and redirected/used as a power up.

Galactus vs Thanos

Galactus vs Thanos

SS and Thanos draw when it comes to matter manipulation, neither has any impressive feats featuring it.

Thanos has curses, which Silver Surfer should be vulnerable too- but aside from cursing Deadpool to immortality we have no idea what they are capable of.

We know from canon Thanos stomps in a fist fight, know this Silver Surfer would abuse his speed and ranged capabilities to try and damage Thanos without having to engage him directly.

It probably won’t work, given Thanos has shrugged off blows from Galactus.

This either ends in a draw as SS can’t hurt Thanos and Thanos can’t catch SS


Thanos wins, getting lucky and teleporting into Silver Surfer’s way before grappling and pummeling Silver Surfer so hard he becomes more of a Silver Surface.

Who would win in a fight between Galactus and Thanos?

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